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Love-No-Romance-Desu-Heart (私は私のライトノベルロマーネは多くの物事は理由もなく起こる永遠の空間に落ちている信じカント I Can't Believe My Light Novel Romance is Falling into an Eternal Space Where Many Things Happen for No Reason) is a terrible idea that shouldn't exist as it gives its artist, TheShreker another reason to stay inside rather than be a productive member of society. Don't let the nice art on the side fool you. What were you expecting a good comic? Hell no! Read the actual source material and then come back!


In the city of Neo-Boring-Plain-Town-City, MC-Kun lives a boring life of boringness. MC-Kun is a very plain and dumb boy who lives with his parents: Seemingly Tough But Actually Meek Dad, and Loving but Tough Mom-San. Oh but there's also his sister, Imouto-Chan, but she's annoying and nobody cares about her. MC-Kun doesn’t plan for any excitement, and wishes to finish his student career at School Academy. Along with his best pal, Cool Guy Friend, MC-Kun is living life like any young boy in an incredibly Cliché Romance Manga would... until Tsundere-Chan transfers into his school and turns his world upside down. It looks like MC-Kun’s high school story won’t be so boring after all!

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